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Angels vs Models

Chanel or Victoria's Secret? No, unfortunately it's not a gift from me to you, and no, it's not a lottery. Simply, this is the question that many models asked to themselves, or at least, what they have done a few weeks ago. Next week, London will be the scene of two spectacular events: the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Chanel special collection fashion show. Mmm. (altro…)

All i want … for Holiday

  "All I want is nothing more to hear you knocking at my door", these words of this song went straight to my heart two days ago when i heard them for the first time, and now, as everytime i love a osng, i'm addicted to this song of Kodaline. I bought the album, and now nothing is able to get into my head. All i want... (altro…)

Cheek to cheek

Christmas is that period of the year when everyone remembers to be good, but unfortunately in this bad world, the good is needed every day to change it. Yesterday, it has been launched the new version of the song Do they know it's Christmas time by Band Aid, and this time it helps to stop the virus, Ebola. (altro…)

In Ella Valentine (Of London) world

Back to... the origin. Yesterday, after an interesting call, i remembered to myself why i have my blog/site: not just to talk about me, but about my idea of fashion, and the first aim i had was to discover new brands, discover new chances, new possibilities, new ideas. Maybe I'm a little lost sight of this goal for a while, but then by the power of my favorite social networks (like Twitter, Google + and Instagram), I have found the way.  You know my passion for "London word"  and bags. (altro…)

Under Christmas tree

First week on the new site is gone, and if i have to be honest, i fell comfortable, more than before. And the habits: if they are good or make us feel better, you have to keep them tight. So, it's Sunday, it's time for makeup. Christmas is coming (Finally, but where is the cold?) and i don't know you, but "Christmas-gifts- problem" is here with me, and i don't know how i can resolve it. But, fortunately, i know exactly what i'd like to receive. (altro…)

Rock your legs

Have you ever wanted to dance like Miley Cyrus? Or Twerk like her? O sing like her? Have you ever wanted to have her audacity and her caring about the opinions of others? Well, maybe this is your chance and say thank to Golden Lady. For a girl who is used to amaze the world with her provocations, this certainly has not been anything of that. In a very pop video, Miley teases and provokes, but do you want to know what hit me? Her red tights! I love them !!! Seriously, i didn't look at her, i was in love with red tights. And an infinite number of outfits have appeared in my  mind, as i was in a Gossip Girl Episode. Have you ever experienced the feeling of those horrible seams that irritate the skin and does not allow you to feel comfortable? Well, Golden Lady solves the problem by creating...

Sweet Velvet

This new site, slowly, is starting to be like me, and if you have seen the the header you know what i mean, i't s just like decorating a new home. You know, when you're in a new home, you want to see your personal style around you, specially after a busy day. And decorations, even the smallest ones, make a difference. (altro…)
The Auburn Girl


 Ok, as i promised, TheAuburnGirl.com is alive! Yess!! Welcome to my new home, and pay attention, you can hurt something. A new site, not just a blog anymore... wow, i'm scared, and thrilled, and scared, and thrilled, of course. Ok, i stop. Time to be a big girl. (altro…)

Cool Girl

Generally when i think about the weekend,my first feeling is "yes!!! Finally" (you can imagine me dancing and screaming), but for the first time i'm sad, very,completely, totally sad. Ok, no, i'm kidding, i'm not so sad, just a little bit. (altro…)

Like a Chelsea Girl

"these boots are made for walking,and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you", i know that probably i have written these words other times but it's stronger than me, everytime i wear a pair of boots, these words are in my mind. (altro…)

Girl, put your hat on

"You can leave your hat on", do you know this song of Joe Cocker? I remember the first time i watched 9½ Weeks with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke, he was so sexy in that period of his life, definetely not now, too many plastic surgeries. I remember this song cuz it's so intense and passionate, if ypu feel something in your heart, you can appreciate it. (altro…)

Topshop Holidays

  I promise that i won't start to write Christmas song here, even if the temptaion is so strong!!! C'mon, it's not my fault but all brands i love are launching their Holiday Collection. (altro…)