Topshop Holidays


I promise that i won’t start to write Christmas song here, even if the temptaion is so strong!!! C’mon, it’s not my fault but all brands i love are launching their Holiday Collection.

 So, seriously? You hurt me, guys! It’s not right. Everyone knows i love Holidays and Christmas and you launche a special collection for this occasions? Are you f…..g kidding me!??!!?! Ok, i forgive you only cuz the collections are great. After Burberry, i have discovered Topshop Holiday Collection. And guess who is the face… oh, Cara Delevingne, i didn’t expect it (i’m a bad liar). Now, tell me, during holidays, with your family, what do you need? Alcool, relax or a cool dress? I vote for the last one, specially after i’ve seen Topshop Colleciton. There is all you need: sequins, plumage, golden dress, transparency, outfits for day and night. It’s easy to imagine yourself with one of these looks on. Admit it: you also can not wait to come the holidays, to have an excuse to go shopping, to wear one of these outfits, and to die of envy which ones relative who can not bear. Ahhh, holiday times…
ps: fter watching this video, I admire Cara more and more. Enjoy it!

Pictures: Tumblr


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