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isabel shoulder bag
isabel shoulder bag

Back to… the origin. Yesterday, after an interesting call, i remembered to myself why i have my blog/site: not just to talk about me, but about my idea of fashion, and the first aim i had was to discover new brands, discover new chances, new possibilities, new ideas. Maybe I’m a little lost sight of this goal for a while, but then by the power of my favorite social networks (like Twitter, Google + and Instagram), I have found the way.  You know my passion for “London word”  and bags.

Well, mix those two things together and you have EllaValentine of London. Do you know those perfect ad campaigns on fashion newspaper? Do you know that sensation you feel when you look at them as “uao”? Well, this is my reaction in front of the collection, cuz it’s pretty and perfect as ad campaign on Vogue.  In a world where everything is done in series, a world where most things are the same everywhere, well it’s nice to discover that there are things that move away from these stereotypes. These fantastic bags are manufactured in Florence ( uncle, can i can to your home for someday, please!?!??!?!?). You know, this bags remembers me those of my grannies and my mom, bags that you can share with your daughters, and they will do with their daughters, and on and on. I was so happy when my adorable granny left one of her bags, it was like a treasure chest, a precious stone that I could not wait to guard and take and then pass on, as my grandmother did with me. Now, i can understand that not all are sentimental like me, but if you do not look for the feeling and art in fashion, what the hell you should look for?

ps Geometric shapes, smooth lines, attractive colors, and fine details. If someone asks me, my favorite is the bag emerald. I always auburn hair, they would be a nice mix with that bag.

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charlotte casual city bag
firenze tote pebbled
isabel shoulder bag ev atelier editio
isabel shoulder bag ev atelier edition
isabel shoulder bag
josie backpack syrah
madison bag emerald
madison handbag dove grey
Amelie Handbag - Cerulean Blue
Amelie Handbag – Cerulean Blue

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