Girl, put your hat on


“You can leave your hat on”, do you know this song of Joe Cocker? I remember the first time i watched 9½ Weeks with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke, he was so sexy in that period of his life, definetely not now, too many plastic surgeries. I remember this song cuz it’s so intense and passionate, if ypu feel something in your heart, you can appreciate it.

 But, go back to fashion. I think that Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham are two of the most iconic women of our time, and two of them have that elegance that allows them to wear hats and be cool. Timeless elegance, innate. One thing I would like to have and i know that if you do not have it from birth, you can not have. Damn! Since I have come to love and discover English culture, I understood the importance of this accessory and as to any face shape corresponds to a particular model of hat. Just be patient and try, try, try. C’mon, it’s a good excuse to go shopping. Baseball hat, fedora hat, wool hat, bohemien hat: choose the style and the perfect hat for you. And maybe you can find a man who tell you “hey girl, you can leave your hat on”, or maybe dance like Beyonce or sing like Taylor Swift. The important thing is to try, and find something that makes us feel good and entertain us.





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