Like a Chelsea Girl


“these boots are made for walking,and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you”, i know that probably i have written these words other times but it’s stronger than me, everytime i wear a pair of boots, these words are in my mind.

Sure, i don’t sing or dance like Nancy Sinatra but i feel everytime the spirit of the song, that it’s more thana song with boots. Confess, you’ve lost count of the times I said “I love the boots”. but please, be good with me. The fact is that it’s an addiction, and i try to stop it but when I see these wonderful creations, you say to me how the hell I do? I love this model, not only cuz the name is the same of my favorite team ( C’mon Chelsea!!!!), cuz i think they express the same stylish vision of the district i like. Have you ever visited the Chelsea neighborhood? We,, if you didn’t, i can tell you that there is beauty in the architecture of typical British buildings, as well as in the architecture of these shoes; there is harmony of colors, a mix of nature and civilization, just like these shoes; there is a magic of days gone by that makes pleasant every walk. But If you meet a madman who whizzes aboard his Lamborghini, it’s not my fault, but its lack of style. Imagine: you under an umbrella, white skinny pants, a comfortable, pink, romantic sweater, a buff cape on your shoulder and a pair of light brown pair of Chelsea boots by Chloé ( and a cup of coffè in your hand): don’t you see the magic? Well, pay attention, it’s the succesful trend of the season.

Ps i have a little surprise for you: there will be a new The Auburn Girl…
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