Under Christmas tree


First week on the new site is gone, and if i have to be honest, i fell comfortable, more than before. And the habits: if they are good or make us feel better, you have to keep them tight. So, it’s Sunday, it’s time for makeup. Christmas is coming (Finally, but where is the cold?) and i don’t know you, but “Christmas-gifts- problem” is here with me, and i don’t know how i can resolve it. But, fortunately, i know exactly what i’d like to receive.

Thanks to Dior and Chanel, we can admire two incredible collections, with many limited edition in. So, you can understand why i’d like to have one of them. I love Chanel, but this time i have to betray it for Dior. This collection is elegant as always, but colors bring me into the Christmas spirit: a world of light, color, brilliant things, a romantic world, delicate, elengant and full of love. Ok, I interpret the Christmas spirit in this way, but the Dior collection makes me feel closer to Christmas, and now it is little more than a month at the holiday.  Just to pass the time, I used a nail polish with many glitter, just to be on topic. Chanel collection is pretty and lovely as always, but it’s more suited to winter, I do not think of it as a special collection for a special event. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just me, but the fashion and makeup are not even something as subjective and personal? The nail polish and red lipstick are the only two pieces that I find adaptable to the theme, they are not discounted for the event, but only very appropriate. And there is nothing more ugly than be “out of place” at an event, especially if the event is with you own family.

ps Kendall Jenner is the new face of Estée Lauder

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rossetto-edizione-limitata-dior-natale-2014 smalti-special-edition-dior-natale-2014


golden-reflections golden-shock-palette-occhi-dior diorific-illuminating-press-powder-gold-shock diorific-illuminating-press-powder-pink-shock

                                             Chanel Plumes Précieuses

Chanel make-up-completo-collezione-natale-2014-chanel rosso-e-argento-nella-collezione-chanel-natale-2014 smalti-chanel-natale-2014