All i want … for Holiday



“All I want is nothing more to hear you knocking at my door”, these words of this song went straight to my heart two days ago when i heard them for the first time, and now, as everytime i love a osng, i’m addicted to this song of Kodaline. I bought the album, and now nothing is able to get into my head. All i want…What i want is impossible to have, it’s a dream hidden in the deepest part of my heart for 11 years, hidden forever. It’s no time to be sad, but to compensate for this dream that I’m looking for things that can make up for what I’m missing and I can not have. I go in search of the “beauty” cuz I have lost the beauty that I did not know I had. I strive for it in the music, in the paintings of the Impressionists that I adore (Manet, Monet and Toulose Latrec), in a film that inspires me a feeling, in a fashion collection that expresses art and passion and creativity. A little ray of light that feeds a fire lost, something that shines in the darkness of the night during the holidays. Here, in these days I have spoken to you of holiday dresses, some have impressed me, others less, but here it is: I listen to a song, and I see a collection discovered accidentally, and the light shines in me. Better, a light draws me to the accessories, and then I find out that these are bright, and then I think that this is also the magic of Christmas. That’s why I love Christmas: because it is full of light and hope, and I live in both.

ps: my ideal outfit is made by a total white, sparkling dress (maybe as one of Forever21 that i showed you few days ago), my black Mango Pumps, and the LYCS bag you see below. I want to shine.

ps2  Do you know that in LYCS website, shipping is free in the UK? What are you waiting for?







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Pictures: LYCD Official Website