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This new site, slowly, is starting to be like me, and if you have seen the the header you know what i mean, i’t s just like decorating a new home. You know, when you’re in a new home, you want to see your personal style around you, specially after a busy day. And decorations, even the smallest ones, make a difference.

When i was young, i wanted disperately a velvet dress as one of my grandmother, but unfortunately it was “no” period, so i had to give yp my dream. Her dress was perfect: soft black velvet caressing her hips, long tight sleeves, and an elegance that you captured. Since then, I’ve always had a special relationship with the velvet, something that attracted me like a moth to the light. Then, you can imagine my joy last February and last September when i saw many women and men with velvet… shoes. No dress, shoes. It’s like a dream come true in half, and i remember that an italian song sings “Chi si accontenta gode, così così”. You know i’m not shoes-fanatic fanclub member, but these shoes take me back in time, where elegance was real and tangible, and there was no need to flaunt it: either you were or you were not.

My ideal outfits: Kenzo velvet ballerinas, little white wool dress, red lips and nails, faux white fur coats and a tartan bag. A dream…

alexander mcqueen
burberry prorsum
jimmy choo

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