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 Ok, as i promised, is alive! Yess!! Welcome to my new home, and pay attention, you can hurt something. A new site, not just a blog anymore… wow, i’m scared, and thrilled, and scared, and thrilled, of course. Ok, i stop. Time to be a big girl.

 The fact is that i like this new site, it’s like when you you move to a new home: you see the potential, you feel that a new life is starting, you can see many options in front of you, and you want to give your style to the place around you. I feel myself in this way. This site is not completely finished, but isee the potential, i see the options, my options, and i’m excited. I loved my beginning with my blog, but it was like the first step, moving out from parents’ home and having my first “appartment”, or better, my first room alone. I’m scared, i confess, but to go beyond this feeling, i have invited you here to celebrate my new room and i have organized a party, and what do you need to go to a party? Mmm… a new dress, of course. I don’t know much time has passed since my desire to speak to you  about this brand; RareLondon, a british brand ( and now i’m completely in love) with a passion for fabulous dresses. It’s so stylish! Probably, Nicky Minaj would have made a better figure on the stage of the MTV EMA if she wore one of these dresses. She says she love her style… if you’re happy, girl, good to you. I’m in love with the sparkling dresses, and all pieces have a romantic taste that you have to love them. Feminine shapes enchant you, and between transparency and fringes, you can be dressed from the day to night. Well imagine me in this new home with the dress of the fifth picture, a big smile on my face and very high heels, 10 inches maybe.

Welcome to The Augurn Girl!





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Pictures: RareLondon Official Website

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