Summer 2016 – i 10 smalti top

Se d’estate si può fare a meno del makeup, è certo che non si può fare a meno degli smalti. Ogni estate, le linee cosmetiche dedicate ai nail polish si arricchiscono di nuovi colori, in linea con i trend stagionali. Cosa riserva quest’estate 2016? Accanto ai colori brillanti tipici della stagione, il trend prevede colori che nuance […]

Chanel Beauty Talks with Gisele

Se aveste la possibilità di parlare con una delle donne più belle del mondo e chiederle quali sono i suoi segreti di bellezza, chi scegliereste? Cosa gli domandereste? Mettete insieme una maison francese dal nome molto famoso e un altrettanto super famosa top model: non c’è segreto beauty che non potrà essere svelato! Chanel e […]

Sweet memories


 Few days ago, i was around the city with my besties, looking for a present. My lil sister Sam is in love with perfumes, she knows them very well, so we decided to go to the Coin to “smell” something. I love this section of Coin, cuz it seems  a place so intimate, like the corner of a bedroom, full of glittering objects. So i tried two new perfume: the New fragrance for her by Narciso Rodriguez and My Burberry. Leggi di più a proposito di Sweet memories

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When i partecipate to London Fashion Week i love/hate Gifts bag. I hate them cuz sometimes they are so heavy and i have no time to come back to the hotel, so i have them all day around the City, but i really love them for what i find in. Last September, in one of those bags i found an interesting product, something i’ve never tried. Naisture Mask. Leggi di più a proposito di Naisture

Susan Posnick – makes beauty simple

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 Busy Days!! No time to rest, no time to write here. Ahhh holidays!! I love it! I’m enjoying every single day with my family, this is a special year for us and i don’t want to waste time. So,  i have only five minutes free and i’m here for you. When you spend all your day out, and you have no time to control your makeup, you need that it’s perfect from the beginning. Leggi di più a proposito di Susan Posnick – makes beauty simple

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Like VB


 Honestly, I think I’ve envied Victoria Beckham for many reasons. Obviously the main one is her husband. Who would not want to have David Beckham next for the rest of the lives? Then, her fashion line. There is little to do: that woman has style and elegance, and aside from some misstep, is always impeccable. She has a daughter fashionista, soo cute that she seems a princess. I thought there could be other reasons to be jealous of her. But … Leggi di più a proposito di Like VB

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Scent of a Diva

I know that many of you are in my same condition, or missing 10 days at Christmas and you like me you have not bought all the presents. How do you feel? Well I can answer for me: a shit. Every year, i say to myself “C’mon Cris, one of the resolutions for the new year is to buy Christmas gifts four months before Christmas”. Today is December 14, and I screwed up my purpose. Am i bad? Leggi di più a proposito di Scent of a Diva

Under Christmas tree


First week on the new site is gone, and if i have to be honest, i fell comfortable, more than before. And the habits: if they are good or make us feel better, you have to keep them tight. So, it’s Sunday, it’s time for makeup. Christmas is coming (Finally, but where is the cold?) and i don’t know you, but “Christmas-gifts- problem” is here with me, and i don’t know how i can resolve it. But, fortunately, i know exactly what i’d like to receive. Leggi di più a proposito di Under Christmas tree