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In Gossip Girl World



I was a super fan of Gossip Girl, i love that serie, and if you want to know, yes, i was and i am a big fan of Blair and Chuck (true love). Scandal, parties, fun, all with fabulous dresses. How could I not love it?! Every episode was as a fashion show, and Blair Waldorf has been a fashion icon for many years. Yes, a character was a fashion icon, incredible, no? Her style was elegant and classical, a modern Audrey Hepburn, i can say, and probably Blair Waldorf would have appreciated the collection S / S 2015 Alexis Mabille. Bows, ribbons, pearls, and crystals. Seriously, Blair would have loved it to madness, perhaps like I love it now. But even if I do not like too much the style “too classic,” I find that this collection is directly from “Upper East Side”. So, if Blai was your fashion icon, don’t miss the chance to Alexis Mabille. His collection is trés jolie. Xoxo TheAuburnGirl ( i know it’s stupid but just for once in my life  wanted to see how it sounded





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Pictures: Maximilian Linz

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