A cup of cheer


“Have a holly jolly Christmas, It’s the best time of the year”, everytime i think of Christmas, this song starts in my ming, with the voice of Frank Sinatra. Ahh what beautiful time! Few days ago, i was looking for some outfits for Christimas on Google Plus (yes, i use it more than Fb, sorry), and i saw the latest Christmas collection by Forever21. Stop, stop, stop! Why no one had told me before this marvelous collection? Seriously… there is all: 2 outfits for Christmas Eve with family, and many different elegant outfits for Christmas day. I think that my problem for that occasion are gone, i won’t  say ” i have nothing to wear”… or, i’ll say only cuz i don’t have a pieces of this collection. Oh, please! Imagine: a big, gray, comfortable sweater with a lovely reindeer on and skinny white jeans, the fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate, and all your loved ones around. How cool is that? Or, a short and shiny dress (maybe, do not put you near to the Christmas tree, you might be mistaken for one of the ornaments) for a meal with family or friends or in-laws, a jacket like that of the third image of this post and high heels. Is it not perfect? My suggestion is this: take your calendar, mark the days of vacation that you spend with your loved ones, then take a look at these outfits, and give at least a different one for each day, but remember to change the accessories and a small change in the makeup. As the song of Sinatra sings; this collection is “a cup of cheer”.

ps: if you have the chance to go to the cinema, go to watch Interstellar. I’m not a fan of Matthew McCounaghey, but i admire Christopher Nolan, and i was not very comfortable with the idea of them together. I have complained for days, saying that my sister and my uncle would have had to drag me to the movies. The result? I was fascinated, haunted by the wonder on the screen, a journey into infinite space and  human nature, a trip over themselves and boundaries. OMG, how small we are in comparison to the rest of them out. The only flaw: I suffer from claustrophobia and see people hibernated in the capsules made me feel a little bad, but everything else … enchanted me.

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Pictures: Forever21 Google Plus