sabato, Gennaio 23

Evolution of style: Emma Watson

She was the little pretty girl who was Harry Potter’s bestfriend. Emma Watson is grew up, in a very good way, i can say, She is a talented young actress, she has charme, style, and an amazing smile. Do you remember her in Harry Potter?
Recently, she posed for a photo shoot for GQ UK, and, as you can see, she remembers Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Try to move away from a role that gave you fame is really difficult, but Emma seems to have all cards to do it. Previously, she changed her look, her hair, and after she accepted very different roles from Hermione Granger, with brilliant result.we just have to continue to see if she will continue on this way, but i hope it!

                                         What do you think about her style?Do you like it?
                                                     Stay tuned for other fashion news!


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