Be a low-cost maison, once, was the prerogative of Zara: original and basic clothes, a discrete quality. But that time is passed, and year after year, Zara has managed to create original collections, also with the accesories; the quality is not always good, but my adorable grandmother once told me that if you want quality, you have to pay more. 
Cheap can be chic if you have good taste to mix together different clothes between them. So, i saw last fall/winter 2013 collection of the spanish maison, i found all trends of the season. An british spirit animates entire collection, especially by the cut of the jackets,that remind the typical ones of the british soldiers, by the mix of the textures, by the choice of colours.
But there is also a free spirit, a will to renovate the way to dress every day, with a particular attention to the elegance and simplicity.
A new way for Zara, and honestly it is hoped that Zara can continue to improve on this direction.

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