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If you open your email and if you find "New bags from Cara, just in time for Christmas!", what do you think? Naively, i thought "omg, Cara sends me a bag!?!?", try to understand me, it's a very hard period for me, and i admit i'd like to receive a good news. But, maybe, that does not excuse my oversight. (altro…)

Ideas for Christmas gifts

 Christmas time is coming and i have no idea what to buy for my friends. You know, i love this period of the year, but make gifts ... what a mess! I'm better at receiving gifts that make them. But i have to do my part, so, let the mess begins! (altro…)

One less problem with you

 Few days ago, my editor in chief on told me "Cris, it's Christmas time, why don't we ( you) write an article about Christmas outfits?". I thought "Seriously!?!? It will be a mess". Please how can i say to someone "dress in this way" when i have no idea what to wear? No ways, 0 ideas. And then... publicity. (altro…)

As Gold

 Latest Friday, i went to che cinema to watche The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part I. I was very thrilled, and i liked the movie so much (Sam Caflin was so great as Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but Liam Hemsworth... oh c'mon i like the other Hemsworth), but... i have in my mind the song sang by J.Lawrence, The Hanging Tree. I started singing in the most unlikely moments, even while I was decorating my Christmas tree yesterday afternoon. (altro…)

Christmas denim

All i want for Christmas is... not Cara Delevingne, but Pepe Jeans London Collection. Mariah Carey song is the most popular during this period, i don't like the version with J.Bibier, but degustibus non est disputandum. If i have to be honest, i like yto listen Frank Sinatra song in this period, i know it's old style but i love it. It's strange and crazy as my latest ideas for Christimas outfit. Denim for Christmas? Oh yes please!! (altro…)

Change, mix, create

    Two days ago, i had to write my article for Quotidianomime (click here to read it) about Christmas gifts for her. In short, to make a gift to a woman is never an easy thing. Gifts for me? Not this year, I have almost everything I want and I say almost because the only thing missing I did not give anyone and can not be bought. For the rest, the onon have designer clothes, but at the moment I do not care. (altro…)

Into the wild

 Monday mornings can be bad, but i think that if you find the right point of view everything can be better than before. I have a lot of things to do, but i spent last Saturday taking this pictures between a forest with intense autumn colors, as red as my auburn hair. A walk through the wonders of nature, and not only. (altro…)

Under Christmas tree

First week on the new site is gone, and if i have to be honest, i fell comfortable, more than before. And the habits: if they are good or make us feel better, you have to keep them tight. So, it's Sunday, it's time for makeup. Christmas is coming (Finally, but where is the cold?) and i don't know you, but "Christmas-gifts- problem" is here with me, and i don't know how i can resolve it. But, fortunately, i know exactly what i'd like to receive. (altro…)