Few days ago, i was around the city with my besties, looking for a present. My lil sister Sam is in love with perfumes, she knows them very well, so we decided to go to the Coin to “smell” something. I love this section of Coin, cuz it seems  a place so intimate, like the corner of a bedroom, full of glittering objects. So i tried two new perfume: the New fragrance for her by Narciso Rodriguez and My Burberry. Two differents perfumes, the first one is intense and seductive, the second one is elegant, sweet but not too much, elegant and sensual. I like Narciso Rodriguez bottle, it’s simple, elegant,  functional. In one word, perfect. I like perfumes, especially when i have a story connecte dto them. As with Angel by Thierry Mugler: it’s the perfume of my childhood, my mum used it and sometimes she allowed me to I used. Sweet memories.



Pictures: The Auburn Girl

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