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 Honestly, I think I’ve envied Victoria Beckham for many reasons. Obviously the main one is her husband. Who would not want to have David Beckham next for the rest of the lives? Then, her fashion line. There is little to do: that woman has style and elegance, and aside from some misstep, is always impeccable. She has a daughter fashionista, soo cute that she seems a princess. I thought there could be other reasons to be jealous of her. But …I discovered that she has created her own line of nail polish. No, but, seriously? Is there something she cannot do? Sing and dance, but this is answer too obvious. In partnership with Nails Inc, next February (The line is available online at from Monday, December 8th, while we have to wait to buy it in stores in February of 2015. What the hell are you waiting for?!?!?) all women will want this limited edition that focuses on two colors: nude Bamboo White and Orange Dark Red Judo. The product is formulated with extracts of bamboo to help the nail to grow healthy. The brush is specially designed to allow it to slide on the nail and return to its original shape once the stroke: how to have a smooth application and a flawless finish. The packaging is minimal chic, and was designed by creative director Fabien Baron and has been customized by Victoria Beckham for this occasion. Each bottle of polish is made of Venetian glass and leaves open a window to the side, from which you can see the color of the glaze. The color of the bottles is available in two variants: white or black. So much, too much, perfection. Did you expect anything less from Vic?

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