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When i partecipate to London Fashion Week i love/hate Gifts bag. I hate them cuz sometimes they are so heavy and i have no time to come back to the hotel, so i have them all day around the City, but i really love them for what i find in. Last September, in one of those bags i found an interesting product, something i’ve never tried. Naisture Mask. Naisure produces facial masks for the treatment of the skin. I tried Collagen Mask Pack few days ago ( yes, i forgot to have it). It needs to improve the skin strenght and elasticity, so before to use it, I followed three simple steps: I used the cleanser to remove the first state of impurity, I washed my face and I thoroughly dried, and then I used the tonic rose water. After, I applied the mask, I did join every single part for good and I kept on for 15 mins, maximum time recommended. Expired the time I removed and I massaged the thin layer of cream that covered my face. I can assure you that I was apelle, fresh, toned, relaxed, and the skin was moist and supple. I advise you to use it in the evening, after a day of stress, it helps a lot the skin. For any skin type and use, it produces a special face mask, and curisa as I am, I look for other products, just for you.

egf_pack ginseng_1_ naisture_caviar_1 naisture_pearl_1 redwine_pack white_pack

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