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Susan Posnick – makes beauty simple

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 Busy Days!! No time to rest, no time to write here. Ahhh holidays!! I love it! I’m enjoying every single day with my family, this is a special year for us and i don’t want to waste time. So,  i have only five minutes free and i’m here for you. When you spend all your day out, and you have no time to control your makeup, you need that it’s perfect from the beginning.So, during latest London Fashion Week, i discoveres products signed by Susan Posnick. In one of my giftbags, there was a bright, intense, lipstick. You can use it in the morning, ans then you can drink, you can talk, and it’s still there for you. It seems so perfect, and it is, in reality. Susan Posnick products unite high quality, a wide range of colors and long lasting throughout the day. For the New Year Eve, these products can be a perfect solution, so have fun without having to think about the makeup smudged or ruined.




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