Scent of a Diva

I know that many of you are in my same condition, or missing 10 days at Christmas and you like me you have not bought all the presents. How do you feel? Well I can answer for me: a shit. Every year, i say to myself “C’mon Cris, one of the resolutions for the new year is to buy Christmas gifts four months before Christmas”. Today is December 14, and I screwed up my purpose. Am i bad?Bad no, disorganized… yes (screaming with her fist raised in victory)!!! So, i don’t know your life, your routine, your everything, but if are busy like i think you are, well guys i have found an obvious and boring solution but it can save your life: perfume.  Yes, you read good. But you can buy a normal perfume, or buy it in a supermarket. If you want to give to someone else a perfume, well open your purse. Cuz if you don’t, your perfect gift goes to the hell. And no, i’m not kidding. If you gift a perfume, you run a big risk: if you do not like the gifts a perfume Chanel No. 5 or Jadore by Dior, your gift is not worth a shit. Indeed, the person who receives it understands that you’ve not only got a trivial thing, but that the same person does not really count for you. C’mon, you can do better. We can do better. Ok, it’s only a gift, what’s the problem? (my new mantra). If i can help you, here for you the top five perfume that any woman would like to receive. Oh, don’t forget to enjoy Christmas songs in the stores 😉

profumi-natale-2014-chanel-n-5-coco-noir_hg_temp2_s_full_l profumi-natale-2014-dolce-e-gabbana-the-one_hg_temp2_s_full_l profumi-natale-2014-lady-million-paco-rabanne_hg_temp2_s_full_l profumi-natale-2014-stars-jimmy-choo_hg_temp2_s_full_l profumi-natale-2014thierry-mugler-angel_hg_temp2_s_full_l