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Hey guys, i hope you have spent a beautiful, special, great Chrstimas with your family. I ate so much!!! There was so much food, omg! By the way, among the many gifts got (some of which have made me weep with joy) one made me cry out in surprise. Do you love Chanel accessories?

Precisely I do not remember the year of the collection but this model necklace with pearls so large it had become a must. I have traveled far and wide, but nothing to do, I have never been lucky enough to find something that looked like (assured that the day when I will be able to buy something from Chanel, you’ll be the first to asaperlo). But then … am i bad if i call it Christmas Miracle? Maybe yes, Christmas Miracle is more important than a pair of pearls, but hey it’s a part of my miracle. I wore it with red Mango dress ( it was Christmas Day) and HM grey long cardigan. Do you like it?

Ah Christmas Miravle. I’ve lived mine yesterday. I was with my whole family: cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews. We were all there, to enjoy a day together. I felt so lucky and blessed. I’d like to share my joy with him who has none, but in the meantime I say: THANKS!!!


20141225_131602Pictures: The AUburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy Tab III

My outfit: Mango red Dress, HM Grey Cardigan, OVS NEcklace/Bracelets, KIKO COSMETICS Makeup

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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