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Caramella Giveaway – the winners

Finally i can show you the two winners of Caramella giveaway... Valentina Fontana e Francesca Schillaci, from Palermo. Both girls have respected all the steps and they won respectively necklace and bracelet signed by Caramella Jewels. (altro…)

Sales Sales Sales

  Ehi girls!!! If you thought that I had run away, no, calm, I'm still here. I spent all holidays with my family, all uncles and aunties and cousind. It has been great! Unfortunately, my favorite period of the year is over, and i'm sad, but thanks heaven i have good friends, so Sam took me out and between laughs, drink and shopping I have been a little less sad. (altro…)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Guys!!!! A new Year has come, new chances, new ways, new life, new opportunities. Generally, people make a list of good intentions to be observed during the new year, erase bad habits and negative thoughts and concentrartsi only on positive things. But since no one, or almost, respects similar lists, why waste time on them? (altro…)

Susan Posnick – makes beauty simple

 Busy Days!! No time to rest, no time to write here. Ahhh holidays!! I love it! I'm enjoying every single day with my family, this is a special year for us and i don't want to waste time. So,  i have only five minutes free and i'm here for you. When you spend all your day out, and you have no time to control your makeup, you need that it's perfect from the beginning. (altro…)

Surprise, surprise

  Hey guys, i hope you have spent a beautiful, special, great Chrstimas with your family. I ate so much!!! There was so much food, omg! By the way, among the many gifts got (some of which have made me weep with joy) one made me cry out in surprise. Do you love Chanel accessories? (altro…)

Happy Birthday Cris!

  "Cuz girl you are amazing just the way you are", everytime i listen to Bruno Mars song i feel good, specially if i am ready to go out. As right now. Oh yeah, right now i write this post for you, but i'm counting latest hours as 25 years. As i told you before, today it's my birthday!!  (altro…)

One less problem with you

 Few days ago, my editor in chief on told me "Cris, it's Christmas time, why don't we ( you) write an article about Christmas outfits?". I thought "Seriously!?!? It will be a mess". Please how can i say to someone "dress in this way" when i have no idea what to wear? No ways, 0 ideas. And then... publicity. (altro…)