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Into the wild

Cristina - TheAuburnGirl

 Monday mornings can be bad, but i think that if you find the right point of view everything can be better than before. I have a lot of things to do, but i spent last Saturday taking this pictures between a forest with intense autumn colors, as red as my auburn hair. A walk through the wonders of nature, and not only.

As i told you many. many, too, times, i’ve been chosen by Caramella Gioielli as blogger to promote their creations. You know, I was and I am honored to be  for a valid reason , which is not to satisfy my ego: I am proud of this because this brand is totally made in Italy, a mix of Nylon and crystals, and with parts in silver, an excellence in the world that everyone envies. A mix of originality,  imagination and audacity, with many flavors and many colors. Do you remember when you were young and your parents told you “ehy girl, don’t accept candies from strangers”, well they were rights, cuz strangers at the time did not know these candies. Ok, i’m kidding. Everytime I want to interpret these jewels in a different way that reflects my personal style. Nothing excessive or unnecessary details: If you wear this kind of jewelry, what else do you need ( i seem George Clooney)? Personal style shoul be that, personal, so green light to coordinated details, black&white, sporty-glam and casual style black trousers, a sweatshirt that resembles a crop top, and my Adidas that often accompany me around. As soon as possible i’ll launch my first giveaway, just in time for Christmas , with Caramella Jewels, so stay tuned. Cuz new photo shoot will arrive. Are you been good? You deserve a Caramella ( if you want, you can start to sing “i want candy” with me).

ps Have I told you that the prices are not excessive and that would be a perfect Christmas gift? Just to say 😉

Cristina - TheAuburnGirl

Cristina - TheAuburnGirl



The Auburn Girl The Auburn Girl

Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Canon Eos 1100 D

My outfit:

Vintage sweatshirt

Tally Weijl Black Trousers

Adidas Vintage Shoes

Caramella Bijoux – Necklace/Bracelets

Kiko Cosmetics Makeup

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