Spring wind


Penultimate day of vacation and third day of sales, and Sulzer Metco have yet to find a pink coat of medium alunghezza to take with me to London … cruel fate! C’mon, i need it, ok it’s not true, i want it, but it’s not a crime to want something.

When it comes to sales, I follow always, or almost, a method that has helped me over the years not to buy unnecessary things and to buy only what I need. First, I commend the brands that I know more and where I usually buy. Among them there is Zara, because among the many useless things, there are indispensable, must-have pieces, especially when it comes to coats, bags or clothes unusual. And I could not resist the temptation to look at the spring / summer, if you have five minutes more to spend, take a look and maybe in the much stuff on sale that you will buy, there will be some “spring” clothes. For example, have you seen those amazing dresses? My ankle boots can’t wait!

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Pictures: Zara Official Website

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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