Pandora Bee Mine: arrivano i gioielli ispirati dalle api

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]     In occasione di questa primavera, Pandora ha lanciato la collezione Bee Mine, una limited edition che trae ispirazione dall’affascinante mondo delle api. Si tratta di gioielli, choker, anelli, orecchini, ispirati alle geometrie che questi operosi animaletti realizzano quotidianamente, e al colore dorato dei loro nidi. Realizzati in argento […]

In Gossip Girl World



I was a super fan of Gossip Girl, i love that serie, and if you want to know, yes, i was and i am a big fan of Blair and Chuck (true love). Scandal, parties, fun, all with fabulous dresses. How could I not love it?! Every episode was as a fashion show, and Blair Waldorf has been a fashion icon for many years. Leggi di più a proposito di In Gossip Girl World

Surprise, surprise



Hey guys, i hope you have spent a beautiful, special, great Chrstimas with your family. I ate so much!!! There was so much food, omg! By the way, among the many gifts got (some of which have made me weep with joy) one made me cry out in surprise. Do you love Chanel accessories? Leggi di più a proposito di Surprise, surprise

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Squaring the circle


 Awkward moments of life … How many have you had you? Well I… i lost count how many times i lived them, ask to Ale if you don’t trust me, but i can assure you they are indeed numerous. Like when I do not understand even the most basic things, like … to square the circle. Have you no idea of embarrassing moments that I have experienced because of this sentence? A few days ago I was thinking about it and then I found this collection in the mail. Leggi di più a proposito di Squaring the circle



 Last night i went to the cinema to watch “Love, Rosie”, i was so curious to watch this movie, i don’t know why but i felt attracted. It seems more a comic movie rather than romantic, but i remember to myself that laughs and love are a good mix. There was a special energy between Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, and i remember a lot of episodes with my bestfriend F, he’s a man but i can assure we are not like the two protagonists of the movie.  And how lovely was the city was setting for the film? Mmm… London! Leggi di più a proposito di PURE: MFP WANTED!