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One less problem with you


 Few days ago, my editor in chief on told me “Cris, it’s Christmas time, why don’t we ( you) write an article about Christmas outfits?”. I thought “Seriously!?!? It will be a mess”. Please how can i say to someone “dress in this way” when i have no idea what to wear? No ways, 0 ideas. And then… publicity.

No. i’m not joking or kidding,   or freaking out but for once in my life, a reclame saved me and my mind. Imagine: me, sofà, a cup of teà and a book, and in the background a song  from television breaks the atmosphere of peace. What was? One word, multiple solutions: Kiabi. Probably, if you follow me for some time, you know what I speak. Kiabi is a French Brand that has to power to break my heart. Quality, style, and good prize. Do you wanna know why it breaks my heart? Simple. Cuz with its Christmas Collection ( the same of tv spot) Kiabi launches nice pretty dresses at only… drumroll and rum please… 9 Euro. No. I’m not kidding, and i’m not crazy. A christmas dress for only 9 euros? Where the hell is the catch?!??! There is not! A little red dress, with a provocative neckline and brilliant detail, can be yours at the modest price of 9 Euros  (there is to be an idiot). You can choose the color and it’s yours. Now, just cuz i’m a good girl, I chose other clothes of this brand for your Christmas. And if I do not answer to you, do not worry: I’m probably shopping on

abito-bustier-da-sera-ricamato-di-paillette-rosso-donna-gl460_5_zc1 abito-bustier-plissettato-con-paillette-nero-donna-gj399_2_fr2 abito-corto-maniche-voile-rosso-donna-gk988_2_zc1 abito-da-cocktail-forma-bustino-in-raso-rosso-donna-gl901_2_zc1 abito-da-cocktail-forma-bustino-stampa-leopardata-blu-donna-gl900_1_zc1 abito-in-voile-per-le-feste-pesca-donna-gj398_2_zc2 abito-lungo-da-cocktail-forma-bustino-blu-donna-gl899_1_zc1

Pictures: Kiabi Official Website

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