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Perfect hat for perfect make up


 Do You know Philip Treacey? If you don’t, don’t worry, i wasin your same conditions months ago. Probably cuz Philip Treacey is the master of hats and i don’t use that kind of accessories often as i wish.

In the UK, if you wear one of his creations, it means that you got a certain sense of style, i don’t accept this things only fot the facts i have seen amazing hats wore with horrible dresses. I’d like to say to women “honey, a hat makes the difference only if you know how to wear”. You know how i canbw bad. So yesterday, looking around on the web and working for my next article, i’ve found this news: Philip Treacy will launch a limited edition in partnership with MacCosmetics. Hats and makeup? Maybe, it was something i have never thought, but in the end, to coordinate the color of makeup and that of hats could be a new frontier of fashion. Both are accessories, both can give a touch of elegance, if used correctly, both can make an outfit irresistible. Available from the next spring, the collection includes 12 products, including Highlight Powders, Fluidlines, Paint Pots, Mascara, Lipsticks and Brush. So after the VivaGlam ad with Miley Cyrus, MacCosmetics flips back the cards on the table fashion. And the next move?

ps. the hat you see below seems very suitable to be worn by Lady Gaga. Or is it just me?

Philip-Treacy-MAC-main mac-treacy


Pictures: Vogue It, WWD

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