domenica, Settembre 19

In the 70s



Accidentally, you can listen a song and fall in love. So, while many people around the world talk about 50 Shades of Grey, i think that Ellie Goulding has written a perfect love song. The movie? It can be good or bad, it doesn’t matter, at least it does not matter for me, but i’m obsessed with “Love me like you do”. Perhaps, this song was no good for the 70s, but i like the mix and match. It’s like when you mix something to something else completely unexpected. The dresses, long or short, in this collection would not be bad at all in the video of this song. And now, i know exactly what it can miss in my closet for Spring/summer 2015: Bermuda shorts, long blazers, kaftans and midi-skirts. Obviously, the mood is all ’70s, so i cans say hello to total denim look ( my dream), stripes and polka dots in the same outfits, biker boots and crochet dresses, oh i’m dreaming! The only thing i don’t like is is the camel color. Me and too much white skin  do not have much sympathy for this color. Perhaps, and i say perhaps, did i forget to tell you that this fabulous collection is signed by Mango? C’mon, forgive me,my mind is occupied by a song.


Pictures: Mango Lookbook

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