sabato, Novembre 28

As Air



There is an italian song that i really love. It’s like “and not easy to play if you miss you,air as the air is sweet, slip away from my life, Air inbreathe silence… I can always escape into colors to be discovered, and I can still hear the music,air as the air is sweet”. It’s very romantic and intense and it expresses something that it’s not easy to find around.

That feeling of lightness, freedom, a unique emotion that erupts in the heart.  It’s just like a dream come true and you want to live it. As the collection of Cristina Maraldi. Her collection is special and not cuz she has my same name, but cuz dresses are like those of dreams, ethereal, untouchable, but they do seem like anyone wear them very cool. An incredible purity, you know, when you were young and your parents teached you that white is the color of purity, but also transparency. Here, you mixed the two together, and what comes out? A collection includes dresses airy and simple, with light fabrics, technical fabrics and silks, combined with shirts airy and fresh; treatments shiny, effects wet, icy colors and delicate prints. Wear one of these dresses reminds me of dreams, where I can be whoever I want, wear what I want, and be perfect for a few hours. Here, maybe wear one of these dresses in real life I would be living in a dream everyday, specially the first one. Not bad, right?









Pictures: Maximilian Linz

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