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Neri Karra


 I started my week without sleep. Yes, i worked, you know, i’m a “journalist” and i follow for Goldel Globes Awaeds ( if you wanna read my article, read here). Amy Adams was so elegant and chic, and Meryl Streep… no words. I want to grow old like that woman: wrinkles, intelligence and elegance that actresses like Catherine Zeta Jones will never have. But what I did not like on the red carpet were the bags. Honey, you’re on a red carpet, not the supermarket. What the hell do you need a clutch, as beautiful and precious?” So, seriously?! I can’t forgive and forget Amal Clooney for those horrible white gloves, but please, explain to me and to the world why you need a clutch on the red capet. And yes, i wait for an explanation. Bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, handbags, clutch and all the bags you can think of are made for other kind of occasions. Cocktail with your girls, night at the disco, out for work, out for shipping, a trip. You have to be perfect on the red carpet, you don’t need smarthphone or lipgloss, so why? While I try to pass this wave of disgust, I do not forget that there are fantastic bags that can enrich all of us (even those three stupid with the clutch at the Goden Globes), and these great accessories are signed by Neri Karra. I found this new brand thank to a blogger i adore and respect, Andy Torres. For day and night, you can choose among colors, croco or python print and the size you want. Also a total black look will be perfect with an accessories like this, and while you and I contemplate these wonders, you and I contemplate these wonders, I notice to you that fantastic news from Caramella Jewels will come soon. Are you brave?

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Pictures: Neri Karra Lookbook

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