venerdì, Giugno 18

This is thriller, thriller night

Trick or treat? Are you ready for the most horrible night of the year?

 As i told you before, i don’t like Halloween. Honestly, i hare The Grinch cause he tries to ruin Christmas, how could i love a a feast full of monsters? If there is one thing missing in the world is coherence, so do not blame me if I have, or at least I try, a little bit. But i know that but I know not everyone has my “taste”(God forbid !! You know what a drag!), so here for you a little random of Halloween Make up taken from tumblr ( how is  possible live without it!??!?), I chose the most spectacular makeup but also quite intriguing, something that will keep you engaged and then do say “hell, girl, are pretty darn good.” Well I’ll give you this joy! MAC Cosmetics, Pupa Milano, butter LONDON, Rimmel London, all big brands have perfect products to make you irresistibly nasty (nonsense!!! You spend a life to be nice and pretty and in one night you become nasty… NONSENSE!). And if you want some ideas to be “frighteningly” elegant, click here on TAG to discover a good look. Ahhh, before i forget, this week I would like to organize a giveaway for you. ther horrid post coming soon!
Cause this is thriller, thriller night ,And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike,You know it’s thriller, thriller night, You’re fighting for life inside a killer, thriller tonight “

butter LONDON
Pictures: Tumblr

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