Like a doll


These days are a bit lively. As Caramella girl, i’ve planned two photo shoots, one was not enough, too quiet, or maybe it’s true that I like to complicate my life. Who knows. But while i look for my next outfit (thanks God, i have Ale in my life!!) and makeup, I also organize giveaway, always in partnership with with  Caramella Jewels. Among the many, many, many (very many) options “outfit”, few have caught my attention far more than others. In this period, I have discovered the pleasure of “experimentation”, or I’m going over my boundaries, my limitations, groped for new and exciting ways. For example, i have never tried to dress like a doll. Yes, a doll, no barbie, a pretty-lovely doll. Or maybe a doll resembling a little dolls of Japanese Manga. A bit like the protagonist of these photos. Then, an eclectic, irreverent, funny, maybe romantic, style, . A mix of colors and lines. Am i crazy? Oh yes, but i want to dare.  This collection of Gilda Giambra inspires me to dare, it will be because I do not wear clothes so bold, or maybe because I do not think I have so much sexiness that i can play with it. But who knows, maybe I can surprise myself, and you too crazy like me who follow me. But i have to confess: the outfit you see below is close to perfection. Ahh, and all collection id made in Italy, of course. And i start to work again…

ps new song on my mind: Kodaline – All i want. If you want love, if you dream love, this song inspires it.

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Pictures: Maximilian Linz