domenica, Settembre 19

Jolie as a Madame


Chrsitmas holidays are definitively over. During that period i have had the occasion to wear an another fabulous accessory. You know well i’m a Caramella Girl for Caramella Jewels and i decided to wear a special collection just for a special occasion. what’s better than Christmas? A proper outfit. If you have read my previous posts, you know what I wore. This special collection, called Mdame, is very precious. Made by of three wires, both for the necklace and the bracelet, in three different colors but harmonious between them, this collection gives allure very chic and elegant. Shiny crystals, light purple, dark purple and black: three colors that fit every season and they do shine your outfit. Whether you wear them together, whether you don them separately, quality and style remain, thanks to the craftsmanship that distinguishes them from the rest of the accessories. It is time for sales then it is time to buy things right and necessary, that can not miss in your closet. These accessories are the perfect example.


IMG_3151 IMG_3148



Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Canon Eos 1100 D

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