venerdì, Giugno 18

Stand up girls!

“Who run the world? Girls!”

When Beyonce sang this song, many women have joined her in her “struggle” to recognize the value that each woman has. I’m not a feminist, but I believe in female solidarity, I believe that every woman is special, and I love and respect very much a man who recognizes the great potential that every woman has within herself. Somedays ago, Emma Watson made ​​a speech to the United Nations that has stirred the hearts, a speech that has rekindled that feeling, a feeling that one sees equality between man and woman, not one better than the other. I don’t know how his has influenced Karl Lagerfeld, but Chanel has always been a brand by the side of the woman. Its own founder was a woman who wanted to dress women in a practical and elegant way, a woman who recognized the potential of women. It’s not feminism dress a woman with a suite that takes inspiration from male, it’s not feminism give a voice to all women. It’s only equality.

Lagerfeld has hired all the top models in circulation to reiterate this concept, a protest where fashion is complementary, the tweed as a second skin, colorful prints as a way to express themselves. We are women and we are proud of it: this is the woman signed Chanel, and it has always been. Karl has just remembered. Stand up girls, it’s our moment.

Cara Delevingne 

Georgia May Jagger 

Gisele Bundchen
Toni Garrn

Kendall Jenner
Pictures: Chanel /

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