A Milano arriva lo SMELL DATE di Angelo Orazio Pregoni

Giovedì 31 marzo, presso il ristorante asiatico “Perla D’oro” a Milano, si è tenuto il primo speed date olfattivo della storia. Non può che trattarsi di un’ opera di Angelo Orazio Pregoni, l’artista/perfume maker che ha rivoluzionato i linguaggi della profumeria. Arte, profumo e mondanità si “miscelano” in Smell Date – Scent of a Partner. […]

H&M loves Coachella

Finally it’s out! H&M Collection for Coachella is ready. Ahhh, i don’t know if i can’t wait 12th March. Are you ready to fight to have a piece of it? I don’t know if i love more Coachella or H&M right now, but i think i opt for both of them. I leave you to look […]


   The sky is grey and i’m a mess. Why? Cuz i have no idea what to pack for Fashion Weeks. Seriously?! Yes, i’m a fashion editor with no idea what to wear, tonight to have party with my besties, or for Fashion Week. My closet in a luggage? XDXD It’s a dream that will […]

Oh my Reiss!


 Does exist the perfect accessory? Oh, I have many interesting theories about it, I believe for example that not all brands can create accessories, for lack of originality. I have many questions and few certainties but those are unshakable.  Leggi di più a proposito di Oh my Reiss!

Neri Karra


 I started my week without sleep. Yes, i worked, you know, i’m a “journalist” and i follow for Quotidianomime.com Goldel Globes Awaeds ( if you wanna read my article, read here). Amy Adams was so elegant and chic, and Meryl Streep… no words. I want to grow old like that woman: wrinkles, intelligence and elegance that actresses like Catherine Zeta Jones will never have. But what I did not like on the red carpet were the bags. Leggi di più a proposito di Neri Karra

Scent of a Diva

I know that many of you are in my same condition, or missing 10 days at Christmas and you like me you have not bought all the presents. How do you feel? Well I can answer for me: a shit. Every year, i say to myself “C’mon Cris, one of the resolutions for the new year is to buy Christmas gifts four months before Christmas”. Today is December 14, and I screwed up my purpose. Am i bad? Leggi di più a proposito di Scent of a Diva

Rock your legs

Have you ever wanted to dance like Miley Cyrus? Or Twerk like her? O sing like her? Have you ever wanted to have her audacity and her caring about the opinions of others? Well, maybe this is your chance and say thank to Golden Lady. For a girl who is used to amaze the world with her […]

Sweet Velvet

miumiu slippers

This new site, slowly, is starting to be like me, and if you have seen the the header you know what i mean, i’t s just like decorating a new home. You know, when you’re in a new home, you want to see your personal style around you, specially after a busy day. And decorations, even the smallest ones, make a difference. Leggi di più a proposito di Sweet Velvet

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