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World of style with Maiden Art Jewels

During Christmas holidays, i pay more than usual attention to how I dress myself.
 For me, the Christmas season is a way to stay with relatives and cousins, a big party, a big family reunion, and I really want to give the best of myself to people that I love.

So, I try to find best dresses, best shoes, best accessories, and this years a famous brand give me a help: Maiden Art.

This famous worldwide brand, based in Milan, was born in 2007, and behind great works there is always a great woman, in this case, her name is Maristella Colombo.

I said famous because Miss Colombo has created a successful brand finished on the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Glamour Italy, Elle Italy, and many others.

This brandstands out for its constant search, for its constant innovation, aiming to create high quality products, a high level of glamour and elegance.

The jewels are full of fantasy, color and stones, in an unparalleled mix of classic and modern, grit and style, coming to achieve a unique elegance.

The shapes of jewelry, always different, these creations make it versatile and original, perfect for any outfit and occasion.

It ‘s almost as if every piece of jewelery contains in itself a story and combine it with what you are wearing. I can say this from personal experience: just a Maiden Art Jewel and no other accessory: success is guaranteed.

When art meets style, nothing that is not wonderful can come out, just like creations of Maiden-Art.

Go to the end of the post to see my “idea-outfit” 😉

My idea outfit with Maiden Art earrings! Little dress, Maiden Art earrings and ankle boots: Who run the world?!

Oviesse Little Dress (long tshirt) 
My pictures  were taken with Canon Eos 1100 D

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