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Welcome to the fabulous world of Fashion Luxx

Good Tuesday! I feel a little bit lonely, for now, Ale is not here, she is working elsewhere, but I really miss my friend and pr. I hope she is proud of my job 😉
You know, generally i share with you something about a trendm a collection, news, makeup, Fashion week, however something that relates to a specific season.Today, I decided to overturn the rules and mix two different season. The hot meets cold, creating something unique. Who said that fashion should necessarily follow the seasons?!

So, i discovered Fashion Luxx, an UK fashion retail. Fashion Luxx was created by Jennifer and Chloe, two girls who are left fascinated by fashion. It was passion. On FL, i found many interesting brands, as Rosie Fox, Sugarhill Boutique, Garcia Jeans and Gaudi, and many others are present, but I can not list them all. On FL, you can find staple items including tops and knitwear, to leather jackets, jewelry and a variety of shoe styles, ranging from a price of £ 35 to one of £ 200. There’s something for all budgets! All pieces are carefully selected, high-quality.
So, do you wanna play with me? The game is simple: generally i propose you my favorite pieces and a possible outfit, today i shared generic pieces and you’ll make up the outfit you like best. For example: my outfit is compesed by the Gendreu Orange Bag, Hathaway Jacket, Rubini Black Shirt, Belluchi Pants and Weitz Sandals. But I could create endless outfits with all the wonders that I will show here today. Let the play begin!

Pictures: Pop Pr Uk

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