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Nice and unique shoes by SI-V (shoes always tell the truth)

It’s so hard to stay inside the shoes of a woman alone. For this they are really special. To walk a little ‘more cheerfully.” Carrie Bradshaw

You know i’m a bags-addicted, not a shoes-addicted like all my friends. But hen I saw the creations of this brand, suddenly my love for shoes has blossomed and I know you’ll feel the same things.

SI-V collection is what the most beautiful things I’ve seen this fall, and I say this as a non-fanatical shoe!

The creative mind of so much splendor is Sivan Shraga, a designer graduated to the Marangoni Institute in Milan with a degree in Fashion Design. Her creations have a cosmopolitan flavor thanks to fact she spent time abroad in Tel Aviv, New York, London and Paris. 
Traveling is a great exercise and stimulation for the mind and soul, in fact she has certainly helped her to have the awareness of wanting to become a designer of shoes and accessories.

The name of the collection (entirely made in Italy) is Destiny,  I believe that a wonder destiny awaits this brand (ok, I admit it, I’d like to do a photo shoot with these shoes!), and I say it because these shoes contain within them the best of  Italian traditions and great quality of products used.

Collection, that includes pumps, sandals, flats and a variety of small hand bags in nappa leather has a retro style that meets the modern with the use of modern materials, such as plexiglass for some models, and some really valuable materials like gold wire applications that decorate others.

Shoes that express style, quality, elegance down to the smallest detail. 

I imagined an outfit with white pumps (third pic): a leather black pants or lace leggings, black tshirt with a deep v-neck, pearl earrings in her ears and a white clutch with metallic detail, a  little bit of rock style never hurts (ok, I have all these things, but no the shoes).

“I believe that just like a right choice the right shoes can carry you on. They give you the right standing and the strength to be yourself and support you in moments of fragility.
Sometimes we can choose among many options, but it is the right shoe that always chooses us.”
Sivan Shraga

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