Spring with Cara


New years, new chances. Do you remember what i told you few days ago? Well, my year is started with a new rols. Oh yes, i’m the new Managing Editor Woman Fashion for Quotidianomime.com, it’s a surprise and i’m honoured for this new role, but it means work hard but i’m not scared.Yesterday, while I was getting my new role and my new responsibilities, I was reading the newspaper and what do I see? The new collection for Topshop with Miss Delevingne. I know she has “actress-ambition” but Cara, please you’re amazing as model, are you sure you’re good and pretty enough to be an actress? Well, now, it does not matter, and let focus on the collection. It seems that next spring we will wear three things: denim, white look, and flowers. Flowers during springs? Yes, it’s not something new, but you add a touch of old or vintage style, it can be interesting.  I’m a big fan of total white look, maybe with a leather black jacket, cuz it’s my style, you can add your to the mood for the springs. I loved denim and now it seems that I am authorized to wear it again without problems. How can you not love denim!?!? Your, and my, aim for Spring 2015 is to appear as a girl of ’70 with a touch of ’90. It can be a mess.

TS_02 TS_04 TS_06 TS_09 TS_10 TS_12 TS_13 TS_15


Pictures: Harper’s Bazaar

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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