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Dior – Kingdom of Colors



Sunday time… need to relax. Or, as in my case, to plan the whole next week. But i can’t forget that Sunday, on, means Makeup/Beauty corner.  And today we’ll goo together in the Kingdom of Makeup and color. Ladies, welcome. Dior knows  how to impress every woman. There is a wide range of colors, not only for eye shadows and lipsticks, but also for nail polishes and eye-pencils. Color, so much color, and dare to experiment. In short, the spring season is going to not be monotonous, even if you wear a white total look. It’s like having the full colors palette  available: it’s great, but you need to pay attention to matching the colors between them. Not all have harmony between them.

dior-kingdom-of-colors-smalti-palais-royal-e-tra-la-la dior-kingdom-of-colors-smalti-wonderland-e-pandore dior-kingdom-of-colors-tutti-gli-smalti





rossetti-rouge-baume palette-5-couleurs-couture-colors-effect-dior palette-5-couleurs-couture-colors-effect-dior-house-of-pinks kingdom-of-colors-palette-multiuso-dior lucidalabbra-addict-gloss-dior


Pictures: Dior Official Website

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