Aeronautica Militare presenta la nuova collezione FW 2017/2018

[metaslider id=30703] La collezione FW 2017-2018 di Aeronautica Militare è forte e decisa come coloro che la indossano, è audace e intraprendente come coloro che la scelgono, è inconfondibile per coloro che la vogliono. Si suddivide in 3 linee : Official – Action – Urban OFFICIAL – è un caleidoscopio di emozioni e rappresenta l’unione […]

Have a Good Tie – Milano Design Week #02

[metaslider id=20020] Quando si pensa alla Design Week Milanese si immagina la casa, l’arredamento, gli spazi, ma poche volte si pensa alla persona come essere umano che ogni giorno, inconsapevolmente, indossa design. Qualcuno lo ha fatto, e ve ne parliamo oggi. Si tratta del progetto Have a Good Tie (ottimo nome) che ci tiene subito […]

Bags Corner


TheAuburnGirl at Topshop

 During London Fashion Week, i found a morning for me ( What!!?!?! Seriously!?!?!), and i spent part of a morning around the City with my friend Irene. Girls time, shopping time. Oh guys, it sounds so good! Cuz it was, we enjoyed the City. What better place than Oxford Circus for shopping? Leggi di più a proposito di Bags Corner

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Cinderella Party at Somerset House


Ohh, two days of London Fashion Week and i am so happy and tired. I met two funny and incredible girls, i interviewed one of them for and when i’ll come back to Italy, you have my word i’ll write everything, but in the meantime don’t miss my articles about LFW, stay tuned! Well, Yesterday afternoon, after a fashion show and waiting for the next one, i remember i received an invitation to a party. So if you receive an invitation, do you say no? Of course you say yes!!

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H&M loves Coachella

Finally it’s out! H&M Collection for Coachella is ready. Ahhh, i don’t know if i can’t wait 12th March. Are you ready to fight to have a piece of it? I don’t know if i love more Coachella or H&M right now, but i think i opt for both of them. I leave you to look […]

Sweet memories


 Few days ago, i was around the city with my besties, looking for a present. My lil sister Sam is in love with perfumes, she knows them very well, so we decided to go to the Coin to “smell” something. I love this section of Coin, cuz it seems  a place so intimate, like the corner of a bedroom, full of glittering objects. So i tried two new perfume: the New fragrance for her by Narciso Rodriguez and My Burberry. Leggi di più a proposito di Sweet memories

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Be My Valentine

Once upon a time there was a girl, no pretty and no unpretty,  just a girl, loved by her friends and her family, but incredibly alone. This girl had a gift: she wants to help the others in very way was possible to her. She always helped friends and acquaintances, family, everyone who needs help. She […]

How to wear the perfect jeans

Last two days i worked very hard. Bafta and Grammy: i han no time to breathe, and if you want to read my articles click on Bafta and Grammy. Yesterday, i needed to stay away from PC, tablet or whatever was  about technology. I spent the day reading newspapers and books, but i found interesting about denim, in […]


   The sky is grey and i’m a mess. Why? Cuz i have no idea what to pack for Fashion Weeks. Seriously?! Yes, i’m a fashion editor with no idea what to wear, tonight to have party with my besties, or for Fashion Week. My closet in a luggage? XDXD It’s a dream that will […]

Mango Fashion Show

 Sorry for my delay but you know, i work hard. Being a fashion editor is a mess, ana amazing mess, but always a mess. But… what satisfaction! It’s official: i’ll partecipate to Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fashion Show! OMG! It’s a dream come true! But, i don’t know if you know Barcelona Fashion Week i  started. Leggi di più a proposito di Mango Fashion Show

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Never without a t-shirt

 Everytime i read an interview or an article on fashion newspaper, i noticed there is always a question and the same answer, everytime. It can be a super topmodel, an it girl, an actress or what you want but when you ask to one of them “what’s your must-have?”, in 99% the answer is the white tshirt. Leggi di più a proposito di Never without a t-shirt

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 When i was young, my grandmother used to say purple was the color of those who looks for a thrill, it enhances the creativity and imagination. For her, black was the color of the death, i tried to explain her that Coco Chanel said the opposite. My grandmother had strong convictions, and it was almost impossible to change her mind. What happens if you combine these two colors together? Leggi di più a proposito di Infinity


You know i love music very much, and above all I love to discover new talents in music and fashion. So, you can imagine how i like to mix together my two passions. And yesterday H&M gave this chance. I was looking for something to take with me for the Fashion Week, when i read something that […]

Fresh Nature



Happy Tuesday! Oh wait, it’s not so happy day, i feel so sick and tired!! Send requests for accreditation is an increasingly unnerving, but i love London so much, so i repear as mantra !i love my job, i love my job” as Emily Blunt in The devil wears Prada. And just to stay in London, i have discoverd something new, something itneresting… oh i adore my job. Leggi di più a proposito di Fresh Nature



 I read on the newspaper that today is the most sad day of the year, well, for me it’s not sad, but certainly it’s the most busy. My personal countdown for London Fashion Week starts today, and i’m so excited and scared, as always. London, wait for me! Leggi di più a proposito di Androgynous

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Oh my Reiss!


 Does exist the perfect accessory? Oh, I have many interesting theories about it, I believe for example that not all brands can create accessories, for lack of originality. I have many questions and few certainties but those are unshakable.  Leggi di più a proposito di Oh my Reiss!

The Cool Kids

“I wish that I could be like the cool kids,‘Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kids.” I saw yesterday  for the first time Marc by Marc Jacobs Campaign and in my mind it’s started the song of the Echosmith.  Leggi di più a proposito di The Cool Kids

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Spring with Cara


New years, new chances. Do you remember what i told you few days ago? Well, my year is started with a new rols. Oh yes, i’m the new Managing Editor Woman Fashion for, it’s a surprise and i’m honoured for this new role, but it means work hard but i’m not scared. Leggi di più a proposito di Spring with Cara

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Army of Lovers


 It’s Christmas time, and i’m so excited!!Christmas Carols, family, food, it sounds so good! While I cook the food with my mother for tonight, I think about how certain things can change. I’ve become more sure of myself, sometimes even daring, but not for others, but for myself. And I think about how Kim Kardashian has passed from being a socialite than the face of an advertising campaign. Should we all make us follow house conuna telacamera? Oh my God, no! Leggi di più a proposito di Army of Lovers

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