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Santoni festeggia la Primavera con il nuovo sandalo FLORA
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Santoni festeggia la Primavera con il nuovo sandalo FLORA

La Primavera è alle porte e le nuove tendenze sono ormai pronte a stravolgere il nostro guardaroba. I colori vibranti e le trame inaspettate e originali saranno i must have della stagione, in particolar modo delle scarpe, a cui non potremo assolutamente rinunciare. Come si suol dire, però, i grandi classici sono intramontabili, il motivo floreale, pertanto, continua ad avere la meglio sui nostri outfit primaverili. Santoni né è la dimostrazione, celebrando l’inizio della Primavera lanciando la nuova calzatura “Flora”. Questo sandalo trae ispirazione dagli anni Settanta ed è caratterizzato da tacco grosso ricoperto in pelle e mini plateau. Il cinturino è arricchito da un fiore dai petali iridescenti, evidenziando così la sensualità unica della caviglia femminile. Le proporzioni imp...

Never without a t-shirt

 Everytime i read an interview or an article on fashion newspaper, i noticed there is always a question and the same answer, everytime. It can be a super topmodel, an it girl, an actress or what you want but when you ask to one of them "what's your must-have?", in 99% the answer is the white tshirt. (altro…)


You know i love music very much, and above all I love to discover new talents in music and fashion. So, you can imagine how i like to mix together my two passions. And yesterday H&M gave this chance. I was looking for something to take with me for the Fashion Week, when i read something that capture my attention. Hen name is Florrie and she has a great sense of style. For those of you who don't know her, Florrie is an young new british singer, and it seems that 2015 will be her year, i hope it's true. Her style is an eclectic mix of many things: grunge, rock, "Coachella", she seems to be a member of a rockgirl band. So cool! And her music is liker her style: a mix of pop, graceful   voices and captivating sound, a rhythm that captures and easily recognizable, wild and free. Listen he...


As Fashion Editor for a newspaper, it's my duty to pay attention to everything, every news, every trends, every model. It's a little mess, but I would be false if I said that I do not love what I do. A well done newspaper everyday: that's my satisfaction. The most exciting part of my job is when we present the lookbook of the new collections. (altro…)

Just the way you are

 Sorry people for my delay, but hey there are only five days to Christmas. Too many things to do, many things to plan... argh! I do not have enough time! Why are only 24 hours in a day ?! (altro…)

Living in a jungle

 "I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire,Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR, Louder, louder than a lion"... i started to sing this song when i have seen Marta Ferrari collection last night. It seems to live in a jungle. (altro…)
The Auburn Girl


 Ok, as i promised, TheAuburnGirl.com is alive! Yess!! Welcome to my new home, and pay attention, you can hurt something. A new site, not just a blog anymore... wow, i'm scared, and thrilled, and scared, and thrilled, of course. Ok, i stop. Time to be a big girl. (altro…)