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Just another girl… after the photo shoot

Happy Saturday! Yesterday, I took the photos for a new collaboration with TAG, I hope that you’ll enjoy, and i’ll show you everything as soon as possible.

But today, i want to share with you what it’s happened after the photo shoot. A nice day, a moment of peace, beautiful sea and i couldn’t resist. I love winter sea, I find that it is the most fascinating and gives me an incredible sense of peace. Exactly what i needed after a busy morning.

Many of you know that I do not love being in front of the camera mcchina, I do not like being the center of attention, so yesterday I find everything I took it as a game, a moment of fun.

Here, we do not take it very seriously, I do not take it very seriously. If I have a virtue, well it is certainly the irony.

In this period, i’m obsessed with one of my favourite band, The Killers, specially with two new songs, Shot at night, and Just an another girl. Compared with a year ago, compared to a few months ago, I am an another girl, one who takes those paths, one that continues to hope of finding love, one that is now poised to make experiences.

To go to achieve this new photo shoot, I went in a different city, a bit far away, very nice and welcoming, and my outfit was definitely a theme: a comfortable outfit, thanks to denim, but with a cool side thanks to Zuiki sweater and its grey studs and Fornarina Boots. 
A touch of vintage was given by my mother’s necklace,  she worn it worn during his teenage years, and though I am no longer a teenager (December 19th I will be making 25 years old) I am glad that she has donated to me.

An outfit simple, chic, easy inspiration for you to create something that makes you feel good. 

Just like me at that time. Enjoy your weekend 😉

Spider man pose

My outfit:

Zuiki Sweater
Tally Wejl Jeans
Fornarina Boots
Piazza Italia Sunglasses
Kiokio Bracelet
Make up Kiko Cosmetics

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