The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1: Best Look from the Red Carpet


Hunger Games


Probably, this is the movie that everyone is waiting for. C’mon, are you not a fan of Katniss Everdeen? And remember if you have to lie, do good. Personally, i didn’t like the first movie so much, but after i read the book, well, i’ve changed my mind.The fact is that this story teached me how is important to fight for the good things, fot the thigs in which i believe. Maybe, i’m not a fighter or a leader as Katniss, but i believe that everyone can change the world, everyday, specially with small actions. During a premiere, it’s very hard that someone thinks of this things, everyone thinks “OMG, what did Jen Lawrence wear?!!??!”, and not i’m not that kind of person, but i like watch the red carpte when the light are off. So the awards for the best dress goes to Elizabeth Banks dressed by Elie Saab, spectacular! As always Jennifer Lawrence was dressed by Dior, i understand she is the face of the brand, but baby, please, show me that there is more in your closet! Julianne Moore in Balenciaga shows to all women in the world how to be a fabulous woman, no matter the age. Jena Malone in Emilia Wickstead and Natalie Dormer in Oakwell Couture were extravagant but not too much, so sad, I expected much more from the two of them. Sure, Jena tried to live a “marilyn monroe moment” on the red carpet, but she does not have the same sensual grace. Lorde… no words. I love her soundtrack, that’s all i can say. Ehhh, Leicester Square always gives me nice moment, specially when an Hemsworth is there. Ok it’s Liam and not Chris, but hey, i’m a woman, i have eyes to see, and he deserves to be watched. And while i’ll wait for the movie, i’ll continue to watch him ( or Thor, but don’t tell to him).

Jennifer Lawrence

Juliane Moore

Liam Hemsworth Elizabeth Banks Jena Malone Natalie Dormer


Pictures: Harper Bazaar Uk