mercoledì, Gennaio 20

Personal shopper: not a job, but a passion

I don’t know if I’ve ever said to you that i’m a personal shopper. I do it for passion, it’s not a real job, many person send to me emails where they ask to me advices, opinions, and i am very happy to help them. I told you, it’s a passion and when you do something with passion, everything is funny and easy. Sometimes, thanks to this passion, i create some styles on the web for these people and today i want to share with you my last creations. I am very curious to know your opinions. 

Every picture shows what inspired me… my favorite one? Spring break, it’s very appropriate with the period, don’t you? You can see other pics of my creations on Outfits on GooglePlus …
                                                      Stay tuned for other fashion news!

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