Light as a feather


Last night, i confess, I went to cinema to watch The Hobbit, and yes, i read the book many yeats ago, but yes i cried like a baby for (Attention!! SPOILER)… Thorin. I knew it but… ok, stop cuz i started to cry again. I have to say my personal thanks to Peter Jackson, i know that he probably will not read my words, but I want to say: thank you !!! Thanks to these two trilogy that have not bent the laws of the market, two trilogies well done, true, fantastic. Tolkien would have appreciated. And so I and millions of fans. Thanks to have given life to a movie in my head after reading the books.

 But now, you can ask me ” Cris why are you talking about it?”, i talk about this not only cuz i love Tolkien books since i was 12 years old girl, but yesterday at the cinema there was a girl with fabulous shoes, and i could not resist to ask “excuse me, i love you your shoes. Can you tell me the label?” and she answered to me candidly “Coriamenta”. What!?!? Seriously!?!’ But… omg!  I wondered why I had let slip such wonders. So, out of curiosity, I went to see the spring / summer 2015. Each woman is satisfied. Decollete, sneakers, sandals and ballerinas. Choose your model and don’t forget that wothout plumage you can’t go anywhere.

Cori_Still-life5115 Cori_Still-life5117 Cori_Still-life5118 Cori_Still-life5131 Cori_Still-life5137 Cori_Still-life5143 Cori_Still-life5166 Cori_Still-life5174


Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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