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Ideas for Christmas gifts


 Christmas time is coming and i have no idea what to buy for my friends. You know, i love this period of the year, but make gifts … what a mess! I’m better at receiving gifts that make them. But i have to do my part, so, let the mess begins!

One thing  I do not like the Christmas gifts is the banality. I do not like to give away things that we do not have a meaning or a utility. The world is already full of trivial things, why add more? I look for things that have meaning, that gift a smile. Consider the socks. Give the socks can be fun, unless you choose as a gift the gray, sad, or all white. I am looking for the color, funny faces, strange characters or precious embroideries. The purpose? Whenever the person to whom I gift them will wear them, this person will think of me and smile or see socks as of luck on my part, for the series “I’m here with you, fuck you and good luck”. I like receive socks. Or pajamas. Years ago, my mum and my dad surprised with me with a pajamas i have always wanted: pink tshirt and polke dots on the pants. I was so happy! It remembered me when i was young and i watched on Tv cartoons during the evening of Christmas Eve on the couch with my grandpa. A pajamas has to be double C: comfortable and colored. Sure, maybe not exactly the sexiest thing to wear to go to sleep with the person you love, but I give you a little hint learned over the years from a friend: when you give away a pajama, combined the gift with a complete of lingerie, something terribly sexy and chic. As a gift unwrapped, if you what i meanh. Here for you, something that can help you with gifts signed by Oysho. Santa is coming to the town, be ready.

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Pictures: Oysho F/W 2014

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