Trend Stripes: il Mondo a stelle e strisce per l’Estate 2017

Ancora non abbiamo conservato cappotti e maglioni ma le belle giornate non tarderanno ad arrivare e le Stelle e Strisce saranno le fantasie delle nuove collezioni P/E 2017, un vero classico Made US. Se le righe sono tipiche dello Style maschile le stelle saranno riproposte in un’inedita stampa del mondo della botanica, stampa presente nelle […]

Never without a t-shirt

 Everytime i read an interview or an article on fashion newspaper, i noticed there is always a question and the same answer, everytime. It can be a super topmodel, an it girl, an actress or what you want but when you ask to one of them “what’s your must-have?”, in 99% the answer is the white tshirt. Leggi di più a proposito di Never without a t-shirt

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As Fashion Editor for a newspaper, it’s my duty to pay attention to everything, every news, every trends, every model. It’s a little mess, but I would be false if I said that I do not love what I do. A well done newspaper everyday: that’s my satisfaction. The most exciting part of my job is when we present the lookbook of the new collections. Leggi di più a proposito di Satisfaction

In the 70s



Accidentally, you can listen a song and fall in love. So, while many people around the world talk about 50 Shades of Grey, i think that Ellie Goulding has written a perfect love song. The movie? It can be good or bad, it doesn’t matter, at least it does not matter for me, but i’m obsessed with “Love me like you do”. Perhaps, this song was no good for the 70s, but i like the mix and match.  Leggi di più a proposito di In the 70s

Like a doll


These days are a bit lively. As Caramella girl, i’ve planned two photo shoots, one was not enough, too quiet, or maybe it’s true that I like to complicate my life. Who knows. But while i look for my next outfit (thanks God, i have Ale in my life!!) and makeup, I also organize giveaway, always in partnership with with  Caramella Jewels.  Leggi di più a proposito di Like a doll