When i was young, my grandmother used to say purple was the color of those who looks for a thrill, it enhances the creativity and imagination. For her, black was the color of the death, i tried to explain her that Coco Chanel said the opposite. My grandmother had strong convictions, and it was almost impossible to change her mind. What happens if you combine these two colors together? If you don’t have the answer, i have it: a new line signed by Caramella. It’s the new year, and this Italian brand has right ideas of what to do. Those new accessories are in line with the trends of the season, where the mix and match is a must. It’s time to take risks, to dare, to create something new, just like Caramella does. This new line, called Infinito, mixes black and purple with curved and soft lines. The earrings have a pretty spiral shape that creates combinations of light, always. I wore them during a sunny day ( a rarity in this period), matched with my Colin Leslie Sunglasses and Tally Weijl Grey Coat. Are you been good? You deserve a Caramella.




20150123_151504 20150127_104505 20150127_104223Pictures: The Auburn Girl /Samsung Galaxy Tab III

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