Army of Lovers


 It’s Christmas time, and i’m so excited!!Christmas Carols, family, food, it sounds so good! While I cook the food with my mother for tonight, I think about how certain things can change. I’ve become more sure of myself, sometimes even daring, but not for others, but for myself. And I think about how Kim Kardashian has passed from being a socialite than the face of an advertising campaign. Should we all make us follow house conuna telacamera? Oh my God, no!But apart from the excessive use of photo shoot in these images, I wonder where I was finished while the world was changing course. Paris Hilton was despised and never taken seriously because it was what he did Kim Kardashian. So, I wonder why Kim is praised and admired and Paris not? Legally brunettes? Boh, it’s clear, I do not support any of the two, what ever can inspire these two for me will forever remain a mystery, but maybe it’s just my limit. And as I look at the new campaign of Balmain and I wonder where it got the style, I try to be less bad, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

hbz-balmain-embed-03-lg hbz-kim-kanye-balmain-lead-lg



 Pictures: Harper Baazar / Mario Sorrenti

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